House Groups

I recently started attending a new church! While I love ebc it was time to move on and find a smaller church, where I could connect more easily. They have a very similar set up, except that its not multi-campus church. Just one church of about 250 attendees (instead of 30,000). The bonus is, that K loves the new church. She says there aren’t as many kids in her class. (Before there were anywhere from 22-40 depending what service we went to! Now she has 10 or less.

They have a really neat set-up during the “school year” September-May called “House Groups”. Essentially 30 people or so, show up at a house, and mingle for about 30-45 minutes, and then break out into different areas of the house (gender specific) into groups of around 8 or so to discuss that past Sunday’s message.

Can I even tell you what a blessing this is to find this church? The house group I “belong” to is absolutely amazing. The nicest, most genuine people you’d ever meet, and everyone is very transparent. They don’t pretend that they have it all together, and are just very real! I am looking forward to next fall when it starts up again. But I still have 1 more week left with them! 🙂

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