1st Samuel ~ Wanting a King

Its been too easy to get caught up in politics this year. I’m not only a delegate for the 31st senate district in MN, but I also tweet a BUNCH about my political beliefs and take part in rants. But – are they always biblical… or am I following a biblical approach to politics when talking about others?
[sadly] Not always.

The people of Israel wanted a King – because other nations had a king, and they didn’t want to “just” follow God – or at leas that’s what I got out of 1st Samuel. They wanted to conform. Sometimes when venting my disdain for the [current] administration I often get caught up in the blame game, and the pointing of fingers – when really – do I know their heart?

Perhaps their heart really is good, or perhaps it is evil as was Sauls – either way- I need to put God before politics…. Sometimes if what I say is going to hurt others – then I shouldn’t say it. Or if it will lead people further away from Christ – or cause people to believe that Christ is NOT the center of my world then I need to reassess.

I need to honor God first and foremost. Not the KINGS of the world…..

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