Wholly cats and dogs, I haven’t posted anything for an extremely long period of time. For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook you may be out of the loop. (Though I hardly post there either…) here is a mini-“Christmas letter” version of the past few months. July: This past July – I was focused on my CNA classes every Saturday which ran from 7:30-a.m. until 3:30 p.m. which made for VERY long days listening to a power point presentation in a freezing cold classroom. The bonus though was that I got to wear scrubs! Kwas busy with Gymnastics once each week, and Jason was busy with traveling to New Ulm for work. August: First week of August was clinicals for the CNA class, and commencement, which brought a smile to my face. My sights are now set on my online chemistry class which begins the last week of this month. At the end of the month K graduated Tots 1 at gymnastics and is now in the Tots 2 class .The focus now is on doing hand stands on her own (not climbing up the wall) and backwards somersaults. Jason and I took a motorcycle trip up to Madeline Island with Rick & Nicole. It was so much fun, and I can’t wait to go again next year! Jason was busy with traveling again to New Ulm, Winona, and North Dakota! 😦 September: Our family kicked off this month going camping to Savanna Portage State Park. It was gorgeous, and we had a HUGE group campsite virtually on a lake all to ourselves. Taking Chemistry online is a bit of “fun” and by “fun” I mean at times I wish I was in the real classroom vs. trying to figure it all out on my own, but my sister Missy has been helping me when I’ve needed it. Speaking of my sister, we [the siblings] threw her a surprise 40th birthday party which was super fun! Jason, Jeremiah and I competed in the Rugged Maniac mud run which was pretty hard considering pretty much the entire race was ran upthe ski hills! (notice I said UP). Our friend Lisa is living with us. She is moving back to Arizona at the end of October and needed a place to stay in the interim. Finally we’ve put the spare bedroom downstairs, and the downstairs bathroom to good use! (and its a blessing to be able to help a friend out). *~* That’s all for now. If I think of anything else I’ll add to it, or make a separate post!

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