Second Samuel

David gives me such hope in 2nd Samuel. David is a soldier – a friend, someone who is running and running from being captured from Saul, a loving father, a sinner, and humble. He constantly sings the praises of God even when he is broken down – and in fear that Saul would capture him.

Sometimes I tried to imagine myself ACTUALLY in his shoes. What if – I was a great soldier – that outshone our U.S. Government , and they wanted to capture me. Hiding in the caves of Utah, or running across the California desert – trying to escape their every move – it would be hard to put God in the forefront of my mind. Yet time and time again – David admits his sins, and focus’ on God.

Could I be a smidgen of what a great example David was?

THEN against all odds – David spares Sauls life when it looks as though he finally could put an end to the cat chase. Saul finally dies at the end of the book with a suicide as the opposition army was upon him.

Then – instead of standing up and declaring he was King – he waited – patiently for God to respond.

Do I wait patiently? – Do I follow God in this way – and listen for his direction?

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