Dog Training

Well now that school is over for a little while I have time to actually train the Sadie meister! She’s been ok, but we really need to amp up her training. She’s eaten through all of her leashes, and her collars, an endless amount of barbies, and more. Needless to say, its a bit frustrating at times! I stopped by Chuck & Don’s to look for a new collar and some tips. They suggested clicker training for most things, and the shaker for chewing. You fill an old pop can with a few pennies, and then shake it loudly when you catch them chewing on the item you don’t want them to chew. I’m just patiently waiting here for her to do it, so I can test it out! I charged the clicker, and she’s responding quite well to that. I also got a silent dog whistle for recall, but we’ll see if we need it. I want to try and remain consistent with the clicker training, so she isn’t too confused. I’ll let you know how we do!

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