Locks of Love

So… Kirra was having a bad night last night. Really missing daddy. So she said what any girl in duress says, “I want to cut my hair all off”. I said, “oh… I thought you wanted long hair”, and she just sobs, “cut it off mommy… cut it all off”. So I told her we’d wait until morning and try and get ahold of a hair dresser. (Also wanted to make SURE she wanted to go short). She wanted short hair. Like Gabby’s, or Grandma Suzies….. After I woke up I thought, hmmm, instead of leaving her hair to go in the garbage at the salon… lets see if we can get 10 inches off her hair, and donate to locks of love. So I explained to her that if we went really short like Gabby & Grandma Suzie we could give her hair to kids that are really sick… so sick that their hair falls out because of medicine they have to take. Her eyes light up, and I explained to her that she could give her hair to the lady that does Locks of Love at Relay for Life… where we go every summer at Mommy’s old high school.So from there out she was sold on the idea of giving her hair to kiddo’s that really need it. I told her that Pam got to wear a wig, and Miss Heidi from church was too. (she knows that Miss Heidi is really sick {she has Lymphoma at the age of 23, you can follow her blog here}. So after much deliberation we ended up at Fantastic Sams at a Fantastic price! The lady looked at me a few times when we said we wanted to cut off 10 inches, and she reminded me several times how short it would be. I told her that was fine, and to put it in a wedge cut, and cute it up a bit. So she did, and we did.

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