Life at Orchestra Hall

I’m so great about thinking about the blog, but have been struggling lately at finding the time to actually sit down and write and/or upload photos from my camera, although I admit this whole past week I haven’t snapped even one on my good camera. Such is life. I’m learning that especially, and most specially since being a mother there have been more days than not lately, that my life is not my own. The orchestra we know as life is being conducted and composed by a three-foot tall, four-year old, and four – four-legged friends. The music fades into soft piano, and I think I may have found reprieve, only to find my little conductor and composers have added a full forte section of trumpets and brass blazing loud, sharp tones. This is usually at a time I think we have no need for that style of music. Don’t get me wrong. The conductor has done an AMAZING job of composing my part, sometimes though the tempo has been too fast for me to keep up. Saturday was amazing though. I quietly and quickly exited “Orchestra Hall” and headed to the ski slopes to downhill ski with my siblings. To do adult things and be in control. While the ski location we went to is not difficult to navigate, I wasn’t the overly cautious girl as I normally am. I left it all out on the slopes and may have technically skied the best I ever have. I left it all out there on the hills. I don’t go to the slopes to think – I go to NOT think, and this is why it’s such a great release for me. At least for me, while zipping down the hills I don’t think about much besides what is directly in front of me, and its great! It was simply a great time, of letting loose, racing my siblings, and enjoying the company I was in. and while I’m now back at “orchestra hall” the conductor and gaggle of composers have been gentle on my senses. The past few nights, a beautiful soliloquy has been playing.

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