Weekend Re-Cap

It was a nice weekend! At times I felt so tired I could fall asleep at any moment,and at other times it was so nice to get so much done. Friday night I dropped Kirra off at Grandma & Grandpa’s house and then decided instead of Target, I’d stop at the Super Walmart since it was on the way home. Super Walmart is essentially now dead to me. They only had non-organic, or questionable brands of meat, and because I never shop there it was difficut to find certain things. I did manage however to stock up on lots of frozen vegetables and the largest tub of peanut butter short of going to Costco I’ve ever seen. Kirra LOVES Peanut Butter & Honey for school lunch,just like her mama, so we’re now going through PB super fast. I went home and decided I would just do Coborns Delivers and make a list. I skyped with Jason, and I had told him I had to wake up extra early Saturday because I needed a car wash since I was the official race vehicle for a work event the next day. I wasn’t about to have a dirty car going around the course. So he mentioned that because it was going to be below zero I shoud get a car wash on Friday night… because often times they close if is less than 5 degrees out. So I left and took a detour to Target where i picked up the rest of my grogeries for the week. Oh I love you Target. Saturday I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and headed out to the race. I had stayed up watching TV shows the night before so I had about 5 hours or less of sleep. The race went wonderful! Despite the cold weather nearly all of my volunteers showed up! YAY for Volunteers. Afterwards a few of us went to Cooper for the “post race” party, which was coming to a close by the time that we unloaded the “truck” and got over there. I had mushroom pizza, and it was great conversation, and great company! Then I was off to a new salon near my work. I got hight lights,and low lights put in,and while I wasn’t planning on it,I got a hair cut as well to even out some of my very odd layers that had grown in because of an odd hair cut a year or so ago. I was very happy with the results. I ran home and got the dogs, and then headed to Frank & Theo’s to get Kirra, and have dinner. We ordered from the Blacksmith, a favorite in our family, and again had great conversation. Kirra bless her went straight to bed so that I could also go straight to bed at 11pm. I was absolutely exhausted! Today we woke up around 9:30 a.m. (Thank you Kirra for letting mommy catch up on some sleep). We had breakfast,and Kirra played some online games while I cleaned. I decided to burn the Christmas tree,and almost started the whole yard on fire. I’m semi certain in hindsight that there was a fire ban due to the extremely dry conditions. I’ve never burned a Christmas tree before, so I had no idea how HUGE this bonfire was going to be,and because everything was so dry,our grass immediately caught fire around the fire pit…. I did manage to get that part out, but it took me the better half of the day to get the fire out. Because it wasn’t a real emergency I didn’t want to use the hose,and run the risk of wrecking our pipes/outdoor faucet,so i poured coffee pots of water on the fire pit all day. I wish I had waited until this weekend to have said fire,because it was my best fire yet, and it burned EVERYTHING that was in the fire pit. I’m now sitting around a contained fire in our fire place,sipping on some Tempranillo, and blogging. Will be hitting the hay early again tonight since i’m quite down on sleep. That’s wraps up the Weekend Re-Cap.

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