Sick of being sick

This past January-February has been the month of illness with little miss. (well really all of us). Since January she has had an on again – off again fever with xyz other symptoms. She’s had pneumonia or RSV, and just yesterday I took her to the Target Clinic and she has an Ear Infection and Strep! Hopefully this will be it now for illness. I’m taking the liberty to bleach down, and Lysol down the house, and Norwex anything else. Top to bottom today. She is really liking school so far. Again she talks non-stop about Piper her friend at school, and we got to take home her folder on Friday to see what she’s been up to. They did lots of arts and crafts last week about Groundhog Day, and they’re learning about transportation and all the ways to go – (e.g.) plane, train, car, bike etc. I’m excited to see what she’s going to learn about this week. I have a pretty – lay low week. Tomorrow is Caucus which I’m excited about,but other than that not much is going on. Well.. I do have another event for work next weekend… and hopefully one of my best friends from High School will be coming over for movie night on Saturday evening. Anyhoo. Watch out germs…MB (Mommy Blogger) is coming to get you!

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