TC Kids Fieldhouse Fun Run

Today was Kirra’s race – the TC Kids Fieldhouse Fun Run. The race was held at the University of Minnesota Fieldhouse and was on the same 200 meter track that U of M athletes practice on! Kirra ran the Half Mile which is four laps or according to Kirra, 4 Miles. The kids all ran in “heats” according to their age group with the little ones running first. There were two “heats” of Pre-School/Kindergarten kiddo’s and Kirra was in the first heat. She had so much fun running around the track. She wasn’t very fast, but she was looking all around, and really enjoying herself. She ended up running three laps, but ran the whole time. I was pretty proud of her for going out there by herself,and I know she felt awesome to do a race all by herself! I’m sad we’ll miss the TC Kids Cross Country Fun Run in May, but maybe we can find another half mile for her to do in the spring. Of all of the things we’ve had her try out, running has been her favorite. I wish I would have gotten more pictures, but here is her race number and medal that she “won” for running super fast. (All of the kids got medals). After her “heat” we cheered on other runners, and Kirra was VERY into the cheering. At one point I looked at Kirra and yelled, “Woo Hoo” as a bunch of runners went by and she said,”No mamma, cheer for THEM!” and pointed to the runners. She’s too smart for my own good. It was a super fabulous Saturday! Also – here are some outdoor pictures at the U of M Campus this morning. We awoke to frost, and light snow that blanketed the trees with gorgeous white as if someone spray painted them that way!

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