Well Kirra has a new trick, she now scootches. It’s a combo of slithering, and rolling, and get this sliding backwards! She will probably start crawling in about a month or so. She lifts up her belly when she is on her tummy so basically does the plank in Yoga, but hasn’t figured out to put her knees and then move her knees and hands. You KNOW she wants to though!

Kirra and I hit up more garage sales and got her lots of toys. Jason got work shorts, and I got a kitchen gadget, a nick-nack for Kirra’s room, and shorts. We have some more to go to this week. I’ve definitely turned into a garage sale queen! Gotta love those prices with this economy!

Jason and I grilled up some Crappie, Bass, and Sunnies the other night, and I am loving it! I’m excited to go fishing some more to catch more dinner.

Speaking of… Memorial Weekend we got back a little early, so I planted my vegetable garden, and some flowers in our front yard, and they are starting to sprout! So far I have leaves in my Peas, Brocholi, and Grean Beens… nothing yet for Tomatoes… maybe, but I will give it another few days. I’m very excited. My wild flowers are also sprouting. I hope everything grows! I’m excited to have fresh vegetables instead of canned, and if I grow too much I will just make Kirra baby food!

It turns Yum into Yummo! (Sorry I couldn’t even help myself.)

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