Let it Go ~ Parenting 405

Nobody ever tells you about Parenting 405 … they only share with you articles that are so cleverly titled Parenting 101 and the like. My daughter is now 6 and a half [which the half is very important. Do not forget the half!] and I have learned to let a lot go. In her earlier years I had all of the, “What to expect books”, all of the copies of the Parenting Magazine, and several other Parenting 101 paraphernalia.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.55.16 PM.jpg

Everything about those books is very text book. Do this_this_ and _this and you will have the picture perfect child. My class of Parenting 405 is different. Nowadays, I’m learning to let it go.

 Let go of my plans for the day, because there is nothing like a procrastinating six year old that can jack your plans.

Let go of my pride over the dinner I just made because a little human is making gaging sounds. Apparently she doesn’t like Spaghetti Squash.

Let go of sleeping alone in my bed with my husband(whom we occasionally share with our dogs and two cats) because inevitably around 6 a.m. a little human will snuggle in.

Let go of every insecurity I have because I will gain more every day when I see other mothers parenting more “perfectly than I”

Let go of other peoples “sure fire advice”. Screw that. Every kid is different, and most of the time parenting advice does not magically fix every problem.

Let go of my inability to listen to other peoples sure fire advice, because sometimes it works.

Let go of watching TV at regular times, because the kids might still be up, and the Good Wife is not appropriate for your 6 year old!

Let go of a picture perfect clean home! Sure when we have company our home can be almost model show home clean, but most of the time it is LIVED IN, and by lived in, I mean if you didn’t have kids you would be worried.

Let go of what I am dressed like, or my lack of makeup on most days. Sometimes its a miracle that we made it out of the house!

Let go of judging other parents in the check out lane. You will be in that struggle some day too my friend. Do I even need to explain.

Let go of comparing yourself to “fit mom”. I’m not giving free pass to eat bon bons every night, and never workout, but if you skip your walk/run/workout because your’e too tired… count your blessings that you’re too tired to workout because after all you’re keeping a human alive!

Let go of any preconceived idea of what motherhood and parenthood is. It is not a standard operating procedure its a living, breathing adventure that is never the same for two people, and it can change at the drop of a hat.

Oh I could go on and on.

I’m learning to live in the moment, and cherish every moment. This is a hard hard thing for me as I am an event planner by trade, and every bone in my body screams for a logistics document for life, and motherhood, but there is none. You cannot write it, you cannot plan for it. Motherhood as best as I can describe is like a bull ride. Hang on as long as you can. Fake it ’till you make it! My struggles will never go away. I may learn to handle them differently as I get older, but as I get older my child will get older and enter a new phase in life, and I will have to let that go as well.

I was listening to Focus on Parenting on the way home today, and they were talking about how as a parent, you will never reach a day where you can check off parenting and call it a success. Every day a new challenge will arise, and if it doesn’t, hold on for a few days. I’m learning to let go of what I want,and how I think things will go. Motherhood has shattered my pride.

I’m blessed with the best gifts of motherhood.  The best ones of all….

Love . Happiness . Honesty . Patience . Grace . Humility.

4 thoughts on “Let it Go ~ Parenting 405

    • Thank you Carrisa! The current series “Let It Go” that I am writing was inspired by all of my friends posting about their kids listening to the Frozen sound track 🙂


  1. How very true … I’m working on it and I’ve managed to let it go and just be the best mom I can be and that’s all that matters! Love your baby and enjoy your days with her!


    • You’re exactly right Brenda. That’s all we can do is try our very best. What matters most is that we don’t compare ourselves to other moms!


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