Big Changes

Jason informed me last week that he’s getting called back up for work, so that we needed to secure some daycare for Kirra. I called up our usual provider, however she unfortunately was full and unable to take us. Knowing that this would be a possibility last fall – I started scouting out the “what would we do if we can’t go back to Tally” question, and found a Montessori on my way to work that I really liked. Well – I toured the school, and met the director, and some of Kirra’s future teachers, and we are starting her there this Wednesday. This will have lots of structure more similar to a school than what she is used to at Tally’s. She will start out her day upstairs in the daycare area to play with friends Then they have a nutritious snack and milk Outdoor playtime (unless the temperature is below zero, or above 100) She will then move downstairs at 11:00 a.m. to the school area where she will eat her lunch that we provide, just like at “real school” School time, learning lessons etc Back upstairs after 3:30 p.m. for after school daycare We went to Target and picked out a new lunchbox for Kirra, and she picked out a purple one (which is her favorite color) that had a pretty rainbow on it, with a rainbow over the shoulder strap. She will probably be surprised at first with her lack of barbie playing time, but I think she will be excited to learn new things. I will post Wednesday night after her first class.

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