Rx Needed

We are in need of a tsunami of bleach in our house, or Lysol. Anything to start at House Base Zero (Hunger Games Trilogy) Kirra has either RSV or Pneumonia. She started coughing late last week, and had become progressively worse throughout the weekend. She is much more tired than usual, and coughs until she gags. Sometimes having a coughing spell most of the day/night. Jason took her into the doctor on Monday, and because she was just on abx for an ear infection the week before she (the doctor) decided to just have her be on the neb. Kirra is a great trooper on the neb. She had to be on it when she was just two months old when she had Pneumonia, and again around 15-20 months when the doctors couldn’t find out why she was coughing all the time. When she was 15-20 months she wanted nothing to do with the neb or inhaler, and just cried most of the time. Now – she just thinks its the coolest thing ever… which is good since we have to do it every 4 hours while she is awake. Kirra at 2 mos old on the neb Kirra age 4 on the neb I woke up this morning with crusty eye. Sure enough its progressed into full on pink eye round two. We have a funny tradition at my work called Pink Shirt Tuesday, because one of my co-workers wears a pink shirt almost every Tuesday… but I told him this morning that I was going to start Pink Eye Tuesday! … He didn’t think it’d catch on very fast though….

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