Sick House

Well I haven’t posed for a while, or what seems to be a while! We’re in the sick house…all three of us. Last weekend Kirra came down with Croup and a gamete of other ailments, and still has a lingering cough. As a present for taking care of her all last week, daddy and I now have said virus. Sniffly, drippy, stuffy nose, coughing etc. I’m hoping we’re going to be fully or semi recovered by tomorrow since we’re trick or treating. We’ve invited Pam & Phil, and Frank & Theo to join us so they can see Kirra dressed up, and also because they never really get too many trick or treaters out where they live. Kirra’s going as Dorothy tomorrow, which she’s wanted to be since last year. Last night Jason, Kirra and I carved our pumpkins. Kirra did not particularly like cleaning her pumpkin and thought it was -gross-. She wanted a kitty cat,I made a haunted house,and Jason did an eye ball. I’m debating between taking a nap and running down to the camera store and buying a new bag. I need to get one before this wedding we’re going to next week because my stuff barely fits in mine anymore. Decisions Decisions….

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