Simple Weekned

We had a very simple weekend here! Friday Jason had to work semi late so K and I just hung out and watched some Curious George and Super Y while we waited for daddy to come home. I had the itch to go out…so I ended up going up to the local bowling ally where they also have free Texas hold em. This is where Jason normal goes. It was fun and the drinks were really cheap! I ended up loosing within an hour and half so I went home and went to bed. Saturday Jason had to work again, so I brought Kirra to dance class and then we came home and did a home makeover…aka cleaned the house and took a nap before our evening outing. Lisa, Miah, Amillie, Jason, and I went to the Pinehaven Dead End Trail! It was super fun despite the hour long line, and we all got scared or jumped at one point. Today I brought Kirra to church with me and I served in the walkers room! Then I was off for Hudson Wisconsin for my cousins wedding shower. It was great to see everyone,and see what the newlyweds were getting! I did a quick photoshoot for my cousin Jen and her 60s something classic mustang! It had been her dads,and he had gotten it all ratty tatty,and had always wanted to fix it up. So after he passed away Jen took over and finished the job for her dad. I think she did an amazing job, and I know Terr Bear is smiling down from heaven at all the work that she’s done! I ended up taking the scenic route home to take more photos of the autumn scenery except I was kind of unmotivated, and the fall colors seemed to vanish. Everything is just brown now… ugly and brown. I did think of a new photo project I’m going to embark on and that is photographing churches. I think churches come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, brand new with deco designs, and very old and vintage, with olde time architecture! It’s all so fascinating to me,and I think it would make for a neat assignment. Once home Kirra was still napping, so I napped too. Jason made us homemade pizza for dinner, and then Kirra and I finished off the night by playing Doctor. She brought her baby over to me and told me her baby’s neck hurt. When I (playing the doctor) asked what happened, she said they were just on a school bus, and a pack of skunks hopped on the bus and attacked them and sprayed them. She has been super fascinated with skunks now for several weeks! I thought it was so funny…. We read books,and hopped into bed. I’m pushing cinderella behavior right now so I best finish posting, and get in bed myself!

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