Simple Night

So Jason had to work late tonight, so I wanted something super easy to cook for dinner, so I could just focus on cleaning the house since it looks like a tsunami hit it,minus the water… So Kirra and I were off to Cub. She wanted an Apple, so I bought her a honey crisp apple,and before i could even stop her she bit into the apple! I told her not to eat so much of it,but she didn’t really understand why. I explained to her that we get charged by the weight,and if she eats too much of it, we’ll be stealing some of the apple. She didn’t eat anymore of it, and we got some pizza, and some snacks,and got out! Once I got home I hopped on facebook for a quick minute and saw that Grey’s Anatomy is all new tonight! AWESOME! I have more shows this fall than ever before. I should become a TV Critic! Kirra is newly in love with Angelina Ballerina shows which is a welcome reprive from the constant Dora! But ask anyone, or ask me. I can impersonate Dora better than Catlin Sanchez, who actually voices Dora. To my surprise I recently learned that she was terminated in October 2010… so I feel pretty confident that I could easily take over for her. Too bad we’re not moving out to California anytime soon. Maybe I could do the voiceover work from home. Tonight is very very chill. And i’m not just referring to the weather,which has taken a sharp turn cold! I’m not complaining at all. I like cold fall days more than anyone I know… but tonight is very chill uneventful! Throw back a glass of wine…Clean the kitchen, do some laundry, and straighten anything else up that’s gone astray! Happy Thursday everyone!

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