Race to the finish!

Today was my race for Women Run the Cities 10 Mile. It went really fantastic actually! I was just hoping for 10 Minute mile pace,so I lined up with the 10 Minute milers pace group and ran into a few friends from Moms on the Run, and my co-worker. We were off and about a mile into the race I was feeling pretty good so I passed up the 10 m/m group, and thought I’ll just stay in front of them! We had to go down a gynormous hill and turn around and back up it again. I think because of my small stature I’m pretty good at going up hills, so I got into position, and just flew up the hills strongly! I passed probably 80 people (but who’s counting) and before I knew it I was ahead of the 9:30 pace group! I decided I must stay in front of them the rest of the way and NOT to let the balloon people (the pace leaders) pass me! I really had to dig deep. By Mile 8 I just so badly wanted to slow down the pace, or walk, or just quit, but I kept at it, and succeeded! I officially finished in 1:32:05 for a 9:13 m/m pace. Which I was THRILLED about since my previous fasted LDR (Long distance Running) pace had been 10:30 max! Simply amazed at the power of training. (Not really, but it was so cool passing people vs. being passed) I’m going to focus on 5Ks now and really get my time down as much as possible! I’m thinking I’ll be doing this particular race again next year!

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