Weekend Re-Cap

We had a GREAT weekend here! Friday was card club over at my sisters house, and since they were fairly easy cards we all finished early. I had brought credentials over to my sisters to enlist help, and when we finished over 1,000 credentials in under an hour my friend Molly and I headed to my work to get more… except that there were hardly any left to complete. Regardless, most are done, so that makes me very very happy! They all said anytime I have work like that to bring it over and they’d help me out! Who doesn’t like eager volunteers? Saturday we woke up and headed over to the YMCA for Kirra’s first dance lesson. Us parents stayed out in the hall, but the studio has windows all around it so we can look in. She did ballet first, and spent most of the time rolling around on the floor. Not because thats what they were learning, but because Kirra decided to goof off. After a little “pep” talk from dad when she came out to change into her tap shoes, she did much better! THat… or because her tap shoes are so slippery she was scared to go running around! Later on Jason went to inspect our friends Lisa & Tony’s new house which is super cool! They move in – in a couple of weeks, and i’m excited to see it when they’re moved in. Its a very open floor plan, and they have a big fenced in yard! We got home and straightened up a bit for Kirra’s first sleepover at our house with a friend. Aiden’s parents (Alisa & Kevin) were going out to a party,and wouldn’t have gotten home until late – so I said to just leave him over night. It was a lot of fun, and we had so much fun having him over. The kids tried to wake up at 4:30 a.m. but I told them they had to stay in Kirra’s room and lay in their beds… they replied, “we’re not tired.. we want to play”. I said, it’s not play time, its bed time, so you don’t have to fall asleep, but you do have to stay in your beds, and be quiet! Eventually they did fall back to sleep, and slept until 7:30 a.m. We woke up and made a big breakfast for us and the kids, and then they spent the rest of the morning playing and running around. I threw a pork roast in the slow cooker, with garlic, brown sugar, pineapple, and soy sauce. I went to church with Kirra and Theo, which was amazing as always. We went to Lino where around 3,000 people were worshiping. Afterwards we came home, watched the Vikings loose and take a nap. (did I mention how much I love the slow cooker?) Woke up to a cooked dinner with hardly any effort from me, and we’ve been playing hard ever since. Mostly with Kirra’s life size pony/horse stuffed animal, and have been playing Rodeo….We’re winding down and are ready to put Kirra to bed,and mom’s ready to watch the Emmy awards, and see all the pretty dresses, and root for my favorite shows! Until next time. TOODLES!

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