Today was annual chicken beheading day. Jason was here this year which in my opinion made the whole venture just fly by. We got over to Pam & Phils about 11:30 a.m. and started about noon. 30 chickens in 3 hours! According to them we got done in a FLASH! Kirra actually helped hold chickens upside down, and helped bleed them out! Whether she was actually enjoying helping out or not – she was still willing to get her hands and legs dirty! The most disturbing part however was when she picked up a decapitated chicken head and was walking around the yard with it asking if we wanted to pet it.Um. No thanks kiddo! she was so great though. I was really impressed with her! Expose ’em young right? Our family ended up with 10 Chicks. We got home around 11pm, and headed right to bed!

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