The 10K – minus 6.2 Miles

Woke up this morning… Got on my shorts- shoes – shirts and found my arm warmers since it was a bit chilly this AM. Thought I was going to be late for race morning sign up, so when I got there at 7:30 a.m. for an 8am race, and I was the ONLY one in the parking lot I knew something was up… I got my smart phone and typed in the race name and to my strong disappointment the race said AUGUST 20th, 2011….yesterday! Dumb online race calendar had it down for August 21, 2011. Last time I TRUST that source again. I will ALWAYS check out the race website when possible. I thought – well I could just run around from here, but i was so sad, I could run in Minneapolis, but again no motivation… I drove home and slept for 6 hours. So… I slept a 10K. On the bright side I received a letter in the mail from the dermatologist which I determined just by reading the envelope meant good news, because bad news is generally delivered by telephone or in person,not in the mail. No. My report card which I found in the envelope had a little check mark by the words BENIGN. Beautiful, beautiful words! Phew. I should really up the ante on sunscreen anyways, but now I can be rest assured I don’t have melanoma!

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