A little splish ‘n’ splash

What an absolutely PERFECT day this turned out to be? I slept in after drinking a few too many wines and White Russians last night. My good friend Annie from High School stopped by for a little bonfire and to catch up. We were up until around 11:30 and she had to get going because she had to work today… I did not. After she left I stayed outside by the fire and watched Modern Family on the laptop. So. on to today- Kirra was asked by ME to clean up her TOTAL disaster of a bedroom. When she didn’t comply, 95% of her toys came out of her bedroom and are now down in the playroom. Her rooms looks 200% better! We were then off for Bunker Beach water-park, which Kirra likes to pronounce BONKER Beach. Man what a difference a year makes! Last year she was scared to go down any of the watersides, and this year she wasn’t scared of anything, including the wave pool! I could have stayed there all night, but I had to get going to my sisters for cards! (which was fun too)

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