Micah 6:8

Tonight with MOTR and my small group we packed meals for Feed My Starving Children. We helped package enough food for 17,000 meals! We learned that over in the Horn of Africa where widespread famine is happening as I type 18,000 children are dying every single day because they do not have enough food to eat! Its not a resource problem,its a distribution problem! That’s like filling up the Excel Energy Center every single day with children and then wiping it out, only to fill it up again the next day! It honestly breaks my heart. It is my hope that I can go to FMSC at least 1x per month to help package food. Its so easy and they have sign ups all the time! FMSC has an unprecedented success rate of their food getting to where it needs to go which is completely amazing! If you have never volunteered with them what are you waiting for?

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