Relay Rocks

Relay was amazing this year! My cousin Sara stopped by to walk with me. She was only going to walk/run 3-4 miles with me, but soon we were running and ended up running for 10! It was just awesome! It was really rather hot however,so her and I were just dripping with sweat!
After she took off (around 2am) I headed over to our campsite to rest my legs a bit before walking some more,and I sat on my air mattress and just couldn’t even move! I fell fast asleep until 5am for the morning ceremony.
They had a pianist that was only a middle schooler playing some really beautiful music. Some people made balloon memorials for the balloon release that was about to happen! This poem was read:
Where do balloons go mommy when you set them free?
Do they float into clouds or get stuck in a tree?
Do they fly high in the sky or get popped by a bee?
Do they soar with the birds and the bugs in the air
Or stay close to the ground and get chased by a bear?
Does the wind blow them out over the Big blue ocean
Or do they climb up and over small hills and big mountains!
Do they go out in space and circle the stars
And then fall back to Earth after traveling so far?
Or does God collect them all in a big bouquet
And give them to children in heaven each day?
Where do balloons go mommy when you set them free?
I hope they go to Heaven as a gift from ME!
As if I wasn’t crying before, this just really made me cry,and actually I’m tearing up just thinking about it. It was so beautiful! Next year I’m definitely doing a memorial balloon! I’ll post some photos later,but i’m Oh so tired!

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