Weekend Re-Cap

Well – this past weekend was AMAZING! Not much going on – but still great. Friday I was off work at noon and brought my Rouge in for an oil change and a complete detail. They basically cleaned the car to brand new condition! My mom picked me up for lunch, and we went to Bambu in Maplewood. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD delicious! I got the Thai Fried Rice, and my mom got Lo Mein. They serve Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai dishes. After that I headed to Rick & Nicole’s place to get Kirra (since Rick picked her up from daycare). Kirra was SO funny. She asked Uncle Rick what he did for a living, and he said I’m a plumber… so Kirra said, “What’s that”. Rick replied, “well… like your daddy fixes cement…I fix toilets”. Kirra got a look on her face of deep understanding,and exclaimed “Oh! You fix Potties”…. “Yes” Rick replied… “I fix potties”. Kirra and I ate Nicole’s homemade Santa Fe Chicken Pizza which was also very delicious, and then the girl and I were off to get back home. She went to bed fairly early, and I sat out on my patio and read, watched some TV and went to bed pretty early myself. Saturday we woke up early for Moms On The Run, and then we hung out until Jason got home. Jason was exhausted from driving 5 hours, so he took a nap, and Kirra and I headed out to Lino Lakes EBC for church. Once I got home we made Margharita Pizza, and then watched a movie, and were all in bed pretty early since I had to wake up early for work on Sunday. Sunday I was up by 4:30 and off to the race! It was the Twins Territory TC 4K, an awesome race from basically the Metrodome to the new Target Field. I was home by 9:30 and then took a nap from 10am until 4pm! It was so awesome! Thank you Jason!!!! Once I woke up we had hamburgers on the grill… watched Hell’s Kitchen, and then went to bed by 10pm.

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