Heebie Jeebies!

I’ve gotten a bad case of the heebie jeebies today!

This morning I woke up as usual to get ready for work, except that with every twist and turn, I felt a strong pinching pain in my belly! I lifted my shirt and saw nothing out of the ordinary… so I kept getting ready. PINCH… I felt more pinching with more movement. Something DEFINITELY was up. Lifted my shirt again, but still nothing… hmm… Finally right before I’m done getting ready in the bathroom I lifted my shirt again, because I knew something was up, and looked deep inside my belly button (I have a deep BB)… and low and behold a DEER TICK is buried half way into my abdomen through my belly button! AHHH!!!!
I call to Jason, “Jason… I need you in the bathroom…. NOW” Groggily he got out of bed to see what was the matter. He tried to pluck it out with his fingers, but my belly button is too small, so tweezers were required. It was hurting a lot now. He pulled and got the body! Success! Not really, since he left the head buried in my skin!
I decided a doctor needed to get involved. Jason examined the tick and threw it in a zip lock bag for identification for the MD’s, but he was confident it was a deer tick. I thought GREAT, that’s all I need is Lymes Disease!
I went to three different clinics trying to get an emergency appointment, since I wasn’t about to pay a $95 co-pay at the ER, nor wait for 3.5 hours at urgent care for a simple routine deer tick head removal! Finally I went to my “regular doctor” which why I didn’t just go to that clinic in the first place is beyond me, but you do funny things while panicking. I almost passed out twice since the discovery of my new “friend”.
I got in with Dr. Kathy who is my new best friend, who had to use multiple different kinds of tweezers to get this blood sucking head out of my belly button! She prescribed me a single mass dose of antibiotics, and I was on my way.
Except that now, for the remainder of the day I am itching like an allergic person because I am so grossed out! I’m also acting slightly [mostly] psycho checking every itch to make sure its not a tick! Its brining back very unfond memories of Memorial Day weekend in 2008! Apparently I had nearly 40 ticks on me at once, instead of the 70 that i’ve embelished it to now… still 40 ticks is pretty wild…but none have ever been stuck in like this one! Ugh… Wait, I need to itch a second…..
Finally… Kirra loves babies, but usually her babies “run around naked”,but today we used Kirra’s old newborn clothes to put on her babies which fit like a gem,except that one of her babies that looks kind of life like,really looks life like now wearing Kirra’s old clothes! Eeek!
On a happier note Kirra and I enjoyed a little story time yesterday and was able to get some cute photos and a video of her!
Kirra loves to sit in front!

Pointing out a cute picture to me

Learning about frogs

Passing out the paper frogs for the kids

Song time!

Dance time!
So sorry this is crooked….

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