Tea Time

Oh what a fabulous time of year! The grass is greening up. Winter coats are a thing of the past, and the snow brush/scraper has been retired to the garage!

Kirra nearly refuses to come inside now. She’s definitely my outside gal, and I am IN LOVE with it! Kirra and I have been having loads of tea parties in her “tree house” on the rainbow swing set, and imagining all kinds of things. Its bringing me back to my youth, and the favorite things I would play. I could honestly play tea party for hours… probably because its my kind of tea party. We sit in the tree house and share invisible scrumptious treats of tea, grapes, waffles, and anything else that comes to mind, and when we’ve decided we’ve ran out of food I slide down the slide, with Kirra like a Koala bear on my back, and off to the glider we go…. we glide in the “car” to the grocery store, and sing Moon Shadow. Kirra’s all time favorite song. Then we run to the front yard where my garden is,and “shop”… run back to the glider, sing Moonshadow again, and climb back up into the tree house for some more yummy food! I couldn’t even imagine having this much fun playing tea party, but I honestly do! Its our favorite game, and she will play this for hours on end.
We go running together too (aka me pushing her in the jogger) and thanks to Jason for fixing our newest burley we’re down to 1 (from 3)… I can put the new burley on my bike and go on long bike rides with her. Its all about being fit this year, and I’m happy that Kirra happily obliges to help me reach my goals!
Tonight I had small group directly followed by “mom’s night out” with my core group of gal pals with kids that are Kirra’s age. I don’t know what I’d do without these girls! There is even a fun rumor of going to one of the gals cabins this summer/late spring for a girls weekend trip! I’ve already got approval from Jason so I’m quite excited!
After I got home from MNO I went downstairs for a serious talk with Shaun T. I have been cheating on him for the past week or so and have been running and biking exclusively. But tonight we re-kindled and I did a 30 minute pure ab workout with him. My abs are BURNING right now, but the burn feels so good. It screams BIKINI in the future! I’m sure I’ll be groaning in pain tomorrow, but the hurt feels so good!
My diet is mostly going ok. I’ve really tried to take a vacation a few times and said eff it… but I come back and remain pretty good for the most part. I’m mostly drinking tea and water through out the day which has zero calories, and gives me my “hot liquid” fix.
Tomorrow I’ll be running after a few day siesta from it. [nursing a calf strain]. I’m excited to pound the pavement for 2 miles although I can’t wait until I get to at least 4-5 miles which sounds more acceptable to my running buddies, but so far I’m again injury free, and still really loving running. (which is really good since I just spent a boat load of money to run with Moms on the Run – running club). The miles will come. I will remain patient, and actually I’m proud of myself for doing rather than dreaming. Dreaming is good but you never go anywhere without action…
Happy Monday everyone! I hope your’s was great too!

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