Insanity Day 3

Ugh!!!! I didn’t want to get out of bed today!!! I was so nice and warm and cozy! I went downstairs to meet Jason, and thought my legs were going to give out going down the stairs. How the heck was I going to make it through the workout!!!!

I did somehow. It went alright. Either I’m getting slightly stronger, or because there was a little less cardio it seemed a little better today. Its probably just to mess with my head. Anyways, here is a little video clip of today’s workout. It was nuts. I was collapsing and Jason was collapsing just like the gal in the video.

Kirra and I were playing hide & go-seek tonight so I hid in the downstairs bathroom behind the door…. and she couldn’t find me, so I kept telling her I was in the bathroom… so she was looking and looking, and looked for me in the drawers, and the cupboard… and even stuck her head down the toilet asking me if I was in the toilet… so I told her I shrunk and was stuck in the toilet
she said, don’t worry mama, i’ll save you… so then I quick told her I was on the couch so she wouldn’t shove her hand down the toilet,but she finally found me.
Time for a little American Idol, a little Off the Map, and then off to bed before Insanity Day 4 starts. Time to hydrate!

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