Insanity, Days 4 & 5

Well, the past few days have gone really good, except the waking up part! I royally hate waking up at 6AM to do these workouts, but I do have so much more energy every day despite quitting coffee two weeks ago!

Insanity day 4 was amazing! It was called cardio recovery and was basically a yoga class. This so far was my favorite. We still worked our muscles to death, but not our hearts. We had whole wheat spaghetti for dinner! Yum Yum.
Workout day 5 was INSANITY! Today was pure hell, while my legs are finally not crazy sore, the movements of today had me struggling to keep up. They were going so fast I thought I was going to puke! I just kept telling myself Abs baby Abs! I made it though!
Later in the day I was reading some running stories at work for a college scholarship we give out, and was feeling rather inspired to start running again! Scholarship application after scholarship application I felt the butterflies of nostalgia well up and decided I want to be a runner again!
So…. tonight,once I got home I laced up my shoes, bundled Kirra up and went for a tiny 1/2 mile loop in my neighborhood. I know…. 1/2 mile isn’t much, but I have to re-start somewhere. My problem is that I’m always so tweaked every time I start running again I do too much too fast. I think because I’m doing this insanity workout, I don’t have to feel bad anymore that I’m only running for 8-10 minutes around the block. (I didn’t officially time myself)….Plus I’m planning on running with Kirra… and normally when I go to push the jogger I’m already at 3 miles, when I try to push her. No… this time I’m starting from scratch!
Also… to motivate me, because running solo is obviously not working for me I joined Moms on the Run tonight! I’m very very excited. We start at the end of April for 18 weeks of running bliss. There were two options…. a one day per week option, or a two day per week option. The price difference was about 40 bucks, so I went with the two times per week. I’m super excited! I’m a mom on the run!

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