Luck ‘O the Irish!

Is what I am going to need!!! Jason and I are on this healthy eating kick, so today when I went grocery shopping I filled up the cart with fresh veggies, fruits, whole grain cereals, and chicken… lots and lots of chicken!

Tonight Kirra and I had friends over so we were late to eating dinner, so I needed something STAT! I decided to try brown rice, black beans, chopped green onions, and edamame, topped with a little EVOO. The whole meal took 10 minutes!
I had tried edamame at work a few weeks ago… one of my co-workers is in love with the stuff, and has talked about it for years, so when she passed around the raw soybeans I had to have a taste… and then I had to have a puke bag! I told my co-workers if I never ate edamame again i’d probably die a happy woman…
So here I am… a few weeks later buying a whole bag. Thing is.. i’m not a big fan of raw vegetables… except sweet peppers. I hate sugar snap peas, and broccoli raw, but I LOVE them cooked/steamed… so i though what the hell… I’ll give it another go. Worst case, i’m out $2.99.
And boy was I delightfully surprised!!! Not only was it edible, but it tasted really really good! Plus it has 9g of protein per serving!
So! for a 10 minute meal I got super fresh, amazing, non-processed foods that were not laden with sugar and partially hydrogenated oils! Yahooooo!
Also….. dah-dah-dah-dah!!!! Basement is DONE! Carpet is IN!!!!!!!

Every basement needs a bar right?

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