To Tri or not to Tri

That… is the question!

Well this past weekend Jason, Kirra and I were able to get our downstairs living room furniture, so I decided since I wasn’t going to compete competitively I’ll not do that indoor Tri. It would have been really fun… but again… was it “worth” it? I can still do the one in April.
Tomorrow [Monday] begins our Insanity workout at 6 a.m. sharp! I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Since last week we began to implement our new healthier eating regime. Of course we slipped up here and there, but it was a start. Jason lost 2 pounds by greatly increasing his water intake, and lack of sodas, and I lost 1 pound, by starting to eat healthier, and continue to drink more water. I also quit coffee last Wednesday, with actually no drawbacks or withdrawals, unless of course I smell it. I LOVE the smell of Coffee!!!
We’re pretty much moved down the basement now… so its been nice to hang out in the downstairs. It looks like a whole new house down here! Kirra was pretty crabby today with no nap, so after dinner we read her library books, and it was off to bed! And before we even came back downstairs she was asleep!!!
I’ll give a full report on the Insanity workout, but I have a feeling its going to be similar to the calisthenics I did in FMSS, only tweaked a little harder, and more encouraging, and not someone yelling at us calling us “dog-gone-freaking-heinous

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