So today after work Kirra and I went up to the gymnastics center near our house and signed her up for gymnastics to start right after labor day. They had such cute equipment including little balance beams, and little uneven bars that are Kirra size. She wanted to start tonight, and didn’t understand that class wasn’t going on…so she threw a fit….

I told Kirra we’d go pick out a leotard for her class…. and she was very happy about that…. until we tried one on, and then it was time to take it off…no way…wasn’t going to happen… she tore off the tags like, haha mommy now i can’t take it off…so I had to bribe her with cookies at Target just to take it off of her…. She finally succumbed to my peer pressure.
Met up with a high school friend at Noodles (nummy) and caught up. We need to hang out more often, especially since she was one of my best friends in high school! Plus the random part is that we only live like a mile away from each other.
Well off to put crabby girl to bed!

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