Over the rainbow…..

So… for the past two years I’ve had this re-occouring dream about tornadoes… I always am minding my own business, and then all the sudden there is this pop up storm and a funnel cloud drops from the sky… its usually a quarter mile away from me, and I always seem to be in the clear but can visualize it perfectly… and then all the sudden the twister turns and its heading right for me…

So I always try to out-run it, or get to saftey, because I’m never near a place of total safety… and there is no-where to hide… but i always wake up before the tornado catches up to me… Its been all different scenes too… One time I was in a high rise apartment, another time I was biking down Hwy 96 in White Bear Lake, and tried to hide in a LeAnn Chins that was totally made of glass… etc etc… I have this dream fairly often as well… maybe once every few months…
So I was telling my co-workers this and my one co-worker said… that it sounds like… maybe in my actual life… somewhere… there is chaos that always seems to be far away that I’m in control… but I get to lackadaisical and then threatens to take over my life, the chaos gets very close… but never quite does… and it got me thinking! How many times have I felt like Chaos was going to take over my life? Many times actually, and I’m not just saying that like some people would… I mean… i’ve really had some close calls with chaos taking over…but somehow by the grace of God it never does and the rainbow always shows up, … and I thank Him for it every day…

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