Wednesday! Already?

This week is absolutely just flying by! I think i’m pretty much riding the bus now. For a few reasons. My fare is getting low on my Go-To card. To I think $10. It takes so much longer to take the bus, and while I think it’s fun to take the bus, especially in the morning, I also really enjoy sleeping in, plus the ride home is much longer, and I get “bus sick”. Plus on my second bus in the morning, there is this overly friendly older man. Its fine to be friendly, but I have an inner feeling that tells me he’s odd. I will definitely take the train to the Mall of America, and to the Twins games though! (Especially Twins Games!).

Jason and I talked this morning, and we’re going to pretty much abolish sippy cups at our house. Kirra does just fine without them, so we’re going to only give her a sippy cup in the car if she needs one. When I got home she was walking all over the house with a cup, and she did absolutely great! What a young lady!!!

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