Pull Ups!

Happy Thursday everyone! Jason & Kirra went on a playdate over to Kurt & Hailey’s house today. Kurt is Jason’s friend from high school, and he is also a SAHD like Jason. Hailey is only 2 or 3 weeks older than Kirra, so they had lots of fun playing together. When I got home from work Kirra was still napping, and boy she was cranky when we woke her up for supper! Kirra did really really great with no lid again on her cup!

Well Kirra has been asking to go to the potty a lot more, and she also hates wearing diapers most of the time now. She will cry when she has to wear one. At least with me. So I have been taking her diapers, and velcroing the straps on, so she can step into them. Jason decided since we’re taking her to the potty a lot more now, he’d go buy her some pull-ups.

So she got her new Dora pull ups today! We tried them on tonight, and she really liked them. She’ll obviously wear a diaper at naptime, or at bedtime, but during the day we wanted something easier for not only her, but for us as well, since we’re doing the potty routine now. She probably only pee’s (hit or miss) twice a day, but slow and steady wins the race! (Or at least thats how we’re doing it).
Well i’m off to do a 2 miler before I go to my friends house to watch Greys & Private Practice 🙂

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