Happy Tuesday

What a great day today! I ended up driving today,because Jason had to work, so I brought Kirra to daycare. She was absolutely THRILLED! As soon as I pulled around the corner and down Tally’s street Kirra started yelling, Tally, Austin,Michael, Jonah, Owen. It was way too cute! Once i brought her inside and she saw all of her friends she didn’t need me anymore. She was so happy and her friends all cheered, KIRRA! So that was pretty exciting. Poor Michael & Kirra will be sad tomorrow when they don’t get to do it all over again, but perhaps next week we can drop her off one day.

She has just been in the best moods lately. And she is just a dolly! I’m amazed at her every day, and fall completely in love with her every time i look at her. Here is a photo from tonight before bedtime. Miss Smiley.

I’m making progress with my running. I got up to 3 miles today! I decided to just bite the bullet and go for it. I started out super slow, and then increased speed. Unfortunately that increased the speed of the pain that was inflicted on my tummy because I ate too much pizza and drank too much milk, but I persevered. I slowed it down, but still made it all the way. I’ve never tried this 3 mile route, and I really really liked it! It was just an out and back on a semi busy road, but it kind of kept me company. Made the mileage go by a lot faster actually, which is great,since some of my other mile “routes” are going to be going this same way. I’ll just turn around later.
I didn’t wear the yak tracks today. It wasn’t too slippery out. There was a lot of bare road,so I didn’t really need them. Plus I have to give them back to the Judester. (my co-workers wife/Judy). Who is inspiring me to train,so I can run with her at the Half Marathon!

Tomorrow is my PT job meeting, and off day for running. My co-worker and I also did 25 flights of stairs today! I really really felt it in my calfs running and i have a feeling i’m going to wake up and hardly be able to walk tomorrow! That’s what I get tho for eating a bunch of crap. I’ve really been laying off the pop tho, and i think that’s helped a lot. I haven’t weighed myself on the Wii lately but I feel i’ve lost some tummy weight,so that’s terrific. That’s the goal.
Sigh…. 10 more days and we’ll be off for the cabin. I really really can’t wait! I need to get reading for my New thru 30 Assignment or I’m going to be up all night!!!!!

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