Toddler Trotter!

Well Kirra woke up this morning and had a toaster strudel for breakfast along with some pecan sandies. Jason called and asked what to dress her in, so she came down in a onsie turtle neck, some leggings, a sweatshirt, hoodie, and tights. She got to see the mascots which she was a bit scared of when they got up close to her. It was rather cute. She would hug on to us very tight. We went in the Family Activity Tent and warmed up before her race where I was able to take her hood down, and I saw that Jason had done her hair into a Mohawk with gel and everything! It was really kind of cute actually! I’m actually surprised he didn’t dye it with me gone for the weekend! Pam and Phil came out, and Nana Theo. And Nana Susue, and my dad, all came out and watched too! Missy, Brian, Ally & Gabby all came out and the girls all raced! They had an Up and Up changing station which was really nice, and were handing out free up and up stuff, along with coupons too!

Jason, Theo, Pam, Phil and Kirra went to candy land and to Jay’s for a little visit. I’m back working at the temp office now until 9pm tonight. Then tomorrow its a very early morning to be over at the metrodome for the start of the race and then a long day tomorrow with the marathon, then cleanup, and then I get to go home and see my love bugs!

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