Well the marathon is now over, and its been over a week since i’ve posted. The marathon went well, and we had absolutely perfect weather! For spectators, and volunteers it may have been just a tad chilly, but it was actually PERFECT for the runners! I’m not going to complain either way.

Last Tuesday Jason won concert tickets on 93x to see Creed. It was a great concert. Like a Storm, and Staind opened for them, which were a bit heavier rock than I liked, but Creed was super great. They also had pyrotechnics there too, and you could feel the heat of the flames on stage from way back where we were sitting!
This weekend we just layed low! Yesterday we woke up to snow, so I bundled Kirra up in her snow suit, and I put mine on as well, and we went out and played in the snow. She really liked it, and wouldn’t eat the snow, but maybe that is a good thing! I got some great pictures of her on our SLR camera, but that’s film so you will have to wait!
I got my nails done, and then went for an hour long massage at Massage Envy. Gosh it wasn’t enough time! It was great though. Today I served at church in the kids area, and Kirra had a blast! Kirra is supposed to be taking a nap right now, but she is putting up quite the protest, i’m blogging until I fall asleep and Jason is watching the Vikings game. Anything could happen tonight, but mostly I need to get caught up with Desperate Housewives. If Kirra goes to bed soon, and wakes up at a decent enough hour, maybe we can go to Adventure Park and play!
Next weekend i’m working my PT job, for Run for the Apples. My absolute favorite race ever! I hope we get nice weather. Tomorrow is supposed to snow 2-4 inches. Jason doesn’t like the snow because it could impeed his ability to work in the winter which in that case I wouldn’t like either…. but I like the snow. Its pretty, and its magical….

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