K Stats!

Weight (Just over 10%) 18#, 14oz

Height (Just under 25%) 28 inches

Well yesterday was K’s birthday! We took her for her 12 month check up, and K is 18 pounds 14 oz, and 28 inches long. She has to wait about another month or so until she is 20 pounds before we can face her foward in the car, but she doesn’t seem to mind car rides at all.

She unfortunately had 4 shots yesterday! She got C-pox, Hep A, Flu, and MMR. They also drew blood out of her arm to test for lead. She was NOT happy about any of this! I mean getting poked 5 times on your birthday is definitely no treat… but last night we gave her Shells & Cheese, and she ate some of Jason and I’s potato ole’s from Taco Johns. She liked those. We have about a sample can left of formula, and then we’ll just be on regular milk. We’ve already given her whole milk, and she absolutely loves it! Between 12 and 15 months we should slowly get her off the bottle, but we can use milk in her bottle. Right now she only gets a bottle in the morning, and at night. The rest of the day she has a sippy cup. K’s birthday party is on Saturday so that should be fun.

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