Growing Up

Kirra will be a year old in just a week and a half. I absolutely can’t belive it. Where did the time go? It felt like just yesterday I was in the cold OR, having Kirra born. Where did the time go? What happened to those late night feedings (thank God those are over!!!) or putting her on the floor, leaving the room, only to find she hadn’t moved an inch. What happened to just learning to roll over, when now, Kirra is just learning to WALK!!!!

I’m so excited to see all of Kirra’s adventures, but how bittersweet to make this new mile stone. This is Kirra’s last full week as just my baby. Next week she will be ONE! ONE! Pretty soon she will be going to school, getting her ears pierced, having boyfriends over, and getting married!

I know I am exaggerating a bit, but really! ONE! Already. If ONE went this fast, how fast will this next year go? I hope it goes slow!

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