Happy Wednesday

Well poor Kirra has a bad diaper rash. It came on suddenly at daycare yesterday, and Kirra even cries when we whipe her bottom. We feel so sad for her. Yesterday she was in a daze, and was just sad for most of the day. We’re going to try soaking her bum in a baking soda bath to see if that helps her out at all. As you know we’re camping day after tomorrow, and we hope that it clears up mostly by then, so that she is more comfortable.

I’m grocery shopping tonight for our camping trip, and tomorrow I will pack! We’ll load/stage everything next to the opening of the garage door, so on Friday we can just pull it all out, and fill up the truck and be on our way hopefully by 6pm at the latest.

We’re going to just grab some fast food on the way up so we don’t have to worry about setting up our tent and cooking all right away. I’m very excited to get into the great outdoors and enjoy myself. We might have to stop by Fleet Farm and grab a life jacket for Kirra, or perhaps I can see if my co-worker can borrow me one again. Now that Kirra is more visual, and can do more I think she would LOVE going out in the boat and seeing the fishies!

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