Summer almost over

Well poor Kirra is battling a cold. She is all stuffed up. It is affecting her sleeping and even eating. Because she is so stuffy it’s hard for her to drink out of the bottle, so we’ve been offering lots of table foods, and finger foods as well. Also I think babies by nature are nose breathers, so I think she gets frusterated needing to breathe out of her mouth in her sleep, so sometimes she will start crying in her sleep, we just feel so bad for her.

We’re definitely going to keep our other bike trailer for long bike rides to put extra stuff in, and also for grocery shopping, we can put our food in the “spare” (aka Garage Sale Buggy). It does ride well, and we can use it, but we definitely feel better with the “new” one for longer rides. The new one however doesn’t fit on my bike, because the back axel is shaped weird on my bike. Jason wants to pull Kirra anyways, for a “better work out” um… more power to him!

We’ve decided not to sell my car at all (at least this year) Having the next step car seat in my car has really helped my shoulder, and I am not in pain anymore. My car runs well, and everything in our price range now, is a bit of a step down for me, so we’re going to hold out for a few more (other) bills to be paid off first.

Hopefully Kirra will feel better soon. We have the vaporizer going full steam, with vics aromatizing her room. We’re going camping on Friday, and hopefully she isn’t sick anymore for that. We’re planning to bring our high chair with, so that we can feed her, it just seems like we need to bring SO MUCH stuff for such a tiny little person. I will have my Mei Tai for hiking, but this time I am staying on the road. I have a real discust for ticks after me and pams jaunt thru the woods at Lydick, if you hadn’t heard I had over 40 ticks on me at one time…. sadly i am not exagerating!


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