Back from Labor Day

Well, we had a very enjoyable camping trip to Willow River. Jason and I both got off work fairly early on Friday, so we were able to get up there around 4:30pm. We found a good spot on the very large group site, and got our tent/home set up.

It honeslty should have been renamed Daddy Long Legs State Forest as they were absolutely every where! Friday night (on our way up) we stopped at Subway and had that for lunch and dinner. Saturday we woke up when Kirra did, and i took Pam & Phils canoe out by myself for a little exploration. I tried to find the Willow River since it flows into the “Lake” we were camping on, however I didn’t want to get too far gone, and not be able to paddle back by myself. I had an enjoyable trip/workout. When I got back there was lots of sitting in the sun, drinking cocktails and enjoying good converstation. For dinner Jason made us some steaks on the charcoal grill and they turned out wonderful!!! Saturday I stayed up pretty late, and enjoyed myself.

Sunday Jason and i took out the canoe together for a little fishing, and canoeing. We were both in quest for the Willow River, and went thru lots of little chanels thru the rice patties (there was rice everywhere) but after a few hours still couldn’t find the outlet. The rice patties were so thick we cooudln’t figure out which way to go. So we droped anchor, and fished for a little while. Unfortunately we didn’t catch any keepers. We had steaks for lunch, and Burgers for dinner. They were all delicious!

We decided to leave camp about 9:30am today, and got home around 11:00. How nice to be home again!

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