Might be teething!

Well Kirra might not have been totally teasing! She does have “rock” like feeling on her bottom gums, and they are pretty white. So we think this is it. They haven’t broke thru yet, but I think in the next week or so.

She is getting really good at climbing on furniture, and trying to go from one piece to the next. We went to Heidi and Ed’s wedding shower today, and she showed off all of her new tricks including climbing up one stair. They have a one step sunk in living room, and she climbed up the step! It was amazing.

Jason is off to Flordia this week for some training for work, so it will be just Kirra and I. I guess I will get a small taste of what a single parent feels like. Everyone is so gracious to help, and I will definitely take them up on their offer if need be.

Hopefully Kirra doesn’t learn any new tricks with her daddy away, I don’t want him to miss a thing!

We ended up “scoring” a bike trailer for $20 at a garage sale too! I haven’t put Kirra in it yet, but I think this week we will go for a few rides anyways!

We also traded the old truck in for a brand new one. It’s a 2008 Dodge Ram. It’s also a 4 door, quad cab, and really easy and nice for getting in and out etc…

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