Well, yesterday we had a big day! Our friends Summer, Joe, and their four kids came over to play. It was really fun. They have a little 4 month old baby, so that will be extra fun once Kirra and Gianna get older.

Afterwards we had the rest of the gang over. Jason’s parents, Pam and Phil (Kirra’s Godparents), Jay & Barb, and our neighbors Janis and Mike. Later after our BBQ my parents came over too. We all had a big bonfire and that was fun. It got really windy a few times, but the fire prevailed.

Kirra is still trying to crawl, I know she will just get it any day, any day soon! She does sit really really well though, and loves to play with her ball. (She has this ball by Leap Frog that spins, and sings the ABC’s to her.)

She also learned the best thing ever! Starting around Thursday or Friday she says Mom-mom ma-ma-ma. I absolutely love it. Weather or not she knows what she is saying, I still just love to hear it, and now I will hear that until the day I die! I’m so excited! She already said Dad Dad Dad, Dadada.

This week she spends time with Heidi and Bella. I’m sure those three will have a blast!!!

Tyler and I are meeting Kristina at the Dog Park. Even though he got to see his friends yesterday, I know he will also have a great time with Chase!

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