Our Misfortune

Well Tyler and I met up with Kristina and Chase at the dog park. We had a blast. After we got home, Jason had put the wagon together, so i took Kirra out for a stroll in it. She just loved it. Then Jason, Kirra and I ran errands. Once we got home the three of us decided to go rollerblading, and push Kirra in the jogging stroller!

Well we forgot to lock the front wheel, and it turned and got stuck in a crack, so Kirra and I went head over tea-cup, and the stroller landed on her. She hit her head on the pavement and had/has a goose egg. We took her to the ER to make sure she was ok, and thank God she was!!!

I think Jason and I were in more pain than Kirra. We both have road rashes.

Today (Friday) was my first day back to running. I shouldn’t have run right after eating, because it turned into a run walk! Uhhh. Well tomorrow is a 3 mile run, so hopefully I will manage!

Kirra did pretty good with Heidi and Bella this week. Apparently she got sick a few times, but I think she is ok now. Funny how the type of water can really matter. We’re so lucky to have family that can watch Kirra while Tally is on vacation. It will be nice to have daycare back, only because it’s more or less on my way to work, but otherwise it’s working out very well… so Thank you Heidi & Bella for your help Kiss.

Tomorrow we’re getting our piano tuned, and my friend is comming over for dinner/movie and what else… wine! Jason and Kirra are going to see her grandma Theo and Great-Grandma Nancy.

Until next time.

Love Jason, Lindsey & Kirra.

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