Fun in the Sun

Kirra has been really good lately. She is now 7 months old. She is getting ready to crawl any day now! She gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth, and sometimes even gets on her toes and does downward dog pose from Yoga. She has taken one “crawl step” and then she falls down. She will get there soon, although she does get frusterated! We recently bought a pool, and we’re really excited about that! It’s a 12 foot pool, by 3 feet deep. So there will be plenty of room for splashing, and enjoyment.
Sadly Kirra has gotten a few bug bites! I hope they don’t itch her too much! I plan to pick up a benadryl stick, and also to get her some lil’ swimmers, and a floatie for the pool. She is now on combo foods, and so far she really liked the blueberry/apple flavor. We’ve also got apple/cranberry, and Sweet Potato/Corn. She hasn’t tried those ones yet, but soon!
Daycare is going really well. Our provider is on vacation next week, so me & Kirra’s cousin Heidi is going to watch her while Tally is out. I know Heidi will do a great job, so that makes me feel good and safe. I’m sure her [Kirra] and Bella will have fun. Maybe Bella can teach Kirra how to crawl, and clap and wave bye bye! (Aren’t I getting my hopes up!!!).
I will write more later! Until next time be well.

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