First Camping Trip

Well we officially survived and enjoyed our first camping trip as a full family. Jason and I both got off work early on Friday the 23rd, so we were on the road by 1:30pm. I had Tally (our daycare provider) keep Kirra up the whole morning. 1:30pm is Kirra’s normal long nap time, and the girl slept the ENTIRE way up to Lake Lydick! We were so fortunate since it is a 4 hour drive! We got up there, and Jason’s mom and dad had already set up our tent, which was really nice. I got everything organized, and it was time to just relax!

We brought the “hut hut” with, and Kirra hung out there. It was pretty windy the whole weekend, but we had plenty of warm clothes with. Kirra slept like a sleeping beauty too! She slept in heavy pj’s and then we also zipped a fleece sleep sack on her too, and she slept with a winter hat. We had some afghans and recieving blankets too. She was plenty warm!

Everyone took turns babysitting her when jason and I both wanted to get out on the boat to fish, or what not. Kirra and I also went on an “adventure” off road hike. It was a little bit of a mistake tho because when we came out of the woods I had nearly 40 woodticks on me! I’m not exagerating!

She didn’t get in the boat, but perhaps another time.

We decided to leave for home on Sunday. It was quite windy, and Tyler’s foot was being achey. Kirra was awake the entire trip home! She was in a pretty good mood, however once we got to Mora (we took a different way home) she started to get fussy, and then once we got to Cambridge there were tears Cry. All and all though she did great in the car, and out of 8 total driving ours, only 1/2 hour of crying isn’t bad at all! Kirra had barely any ticks, she stayed warm, and there was no drama/crankyness all weekend!

By Labor day Kirra will be an old pro at camping!

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