Sweets and New Eats

Today Kirra tried Sweet Potatoes and Corn mixed. She really really liked it! She almost ate a 4oz jar in one setting! Also during her afternoon nap she got to the otherside of the crib, found a new pacifier (because when I went to check on her, she was sucking on a different one than I gave her to begin with) and she was sleeping on her belly! Somtimes this scares me because she doesn’t always put her head to the side, nope… face down in the mattress!!!! Silly girl!!! She better be careful.

We started to fill up the pool today, but we noticed there is a leak in it! (grrrr.) We can’t bring it back to Target either, we would have to call the manufactuer. So we’re going to try and patch it first! Hopefully that will work. Keep your fingers crossed.

Jason is going to be working in Wisconsin for the rest of this week, so it will be me and Kirra hanging out. He will still be coming home each night, but he won’t be home until later. Our friend is comming over tomorrow for walking, and then I will take Kirra running with me later on.

As for me… Today I missed my 10 mile bike ride so I am a little bumed because I really want to train this time, but hopefully 1 missed session wont wrek it all! I am also starting to think I might run during lunch, but I am not dead set on that idea yet. For those of you who don’t know, I am doing two traithlons this summer. One in August, and one in September. One is an olympic distance, and the other is a long sprint.

p.s. I figured there is no reason not to blog about Jason and I too, so you will start to see more information about us here as well

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