Closing Time

Well, we got everything ready in the morning to close today. I felt particularily ill, which since my last post I have gotten full blown morning sickness. This is definitely not fun. It feels like the worst hangover of your life every single morning! I’ve wanted to call in sick every day, but I haven’t yet. I keep thinking what if it gets worse? Then I will run out of sick days. We drove over to Coon Rapids to where we were to sign all of the paperwork. We got to the Wells Fargo Building, and I was sick. They called us in, and the whole time that I was signing papers I wished I was back in bed. We finally got through the massive list when the VA appraiser called our realtor with some bad news… the water inspection didn’t pass, and there was too much lead in the water! So… after signing everything, we couldn’t close 😦 We drove back home, and I wanted to be in tears. I didn’t feel good, and all I wanted to do was move into my new house, and take a bubble bath. But now I had to go back to the studio, and take a shower 😦 They are supposed to install new filters and get back to us in a week or two! Hopefully we can close soon!

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